Stage Manager

As a Stage Manager I already accompanied several well-known large national and international artists on the podium.
Timing, feeling and compassion are very important for artists. It can happen that the programme lasted longer than expected. A short consultation with the entertainment or host, a warm pullover or extra coffee can make the difference and sets an artist or host at ease and get him well prepared for the show or presentation later on the podium!

Stage manager

Also the contact with the director or producer is vital.  On the stage complete other matter is visible and the Stage Manager is the eyes and ears for the FOH and the producer in the hall. Very important in the rehearsals is the sound check of microphones, positioning of stage property, spot light check for the show and the check on all stages of the show with all concerned. 


As a Stage Manager you are the first person on location, on time for the production discussion and a check on the different show items in the programme. Only when the last artist has left the building, also than I can leave for my house or hotel.


Are you looking for a professional Stage Manager? Someone who has a lot of experience in the stage management? Please contact.