Event Manager

Any good party or event needs a precise preparation and planning in advance. I’ll support and advise you in the deploy of technical drawings of a location, requesting quotations and purchases from various suppliers, preparation of the script and/or production discussions with the final result that everything is ready for the assembling and start of your event!  

Event Manager

In the last few years I have mentored many events from start to finish. In this connection I have worked with many several suppliers in order to produce a solid event, product presentation and/or tailored show. Think for instance of the following tasks I can perform for you: 

-       Deploy on scale drawing of vector works of the event;

-       Quotes from suppliers;

-       Understand quotes and have a critical look on quotes, materials,

        supplies and finance;

-       Negotiate with suppliers in accordance with market prices and your


-       Writing script and production plans;

-       Presiding of the production meetings with customer and suppliers.


Looking for an Event Manager who can contribute ideas in the entire process for your upcoming event? Just contact me!

Top 7 qualities of a good Event Manager


What does it take to be a good Event Manager? Nowadays there is plenty of software that can help you with the planning, managing, marketing and budget; you might think my event is a piece of cake. Unfortunately this is not the case yet! No matter how advanced the new technologies are, they can never replace an Event Manager and make the ‘personal’ difference. It is the personal quality of an Event Manager that will contribute to a successful event. My 7 qualities as an Event Manager are:


Love for the profession is thriving for me. Therefore I do not mind to work long days and have days of hard work, as nothing is worth more for me as Event Manager than to see a successful event in the end after an intensive period.

For a client the organization and execution of an event is often a demanding, exhausting stressful job. You only get one change to organise a successful event! 


A must-have quality for an Event Manager is thinking Out-of-the-box. Each event is unique and requires a creative approach, special attention and a personal approach. That requires an innovative look at every aspect and detail of your event. I will never use a creative design or layout from the past or simply copy designs, layouts of my colleagues from the industry.  To be different and creative for every client is the challenge, that’s what makes an event a unique event.

Personal skills

One of the key factors to a successful event is Good Communication. As an Event Manager you need to have skills to communicate with various people at various levels: from management to dignitaries to freelancers and suppliers. As well as in the preparation toward the event as during the execution of the event the power of communication has only one goal: create a successful event. One of the important personal skills of an Event Manager is to speak in no uncertain terms and respectful to everyone.

Organizatorial skills

Organising an event requires a well organised Event Manager, who can set priorities and knows how to multitask. Before and during an event there are various responsibilities that often require coordination and monitoring at the same time. Even the best planning and/or management software cannot replace these organisatorial skills.

Team Player Spirit

The creation of an event is never a one-man action. Therefore I work together with experts, freelancers and suppliers from the event industry. The Event Manager is ultimately responsible for all the employees working on the event and he carries the whole team to support the Team-player feeling.


Nothing is constant in the organisation and implementation of an event. Everything moves and changes so fast that it is crucial to be flexible and adaptive as an Event Manager. Quick-minded and making the right decisions at the time is what makes this profession a very special profession. You will always need a plan b, c and the rest of the alphabet.

No panic setting

An Event Manager can and should never panic. He is the person who oversees everything and “knows how to crack a tough nut”. Sometimes things happen that you can’t control or change such as: the speaker is stuck in a traffic jam, a volunteer abandons the service during the event, and the DJ’s equipment fails. To be quite honest, I have seen this all before, however they are not insuperable problems. During the event the Event Manager’s strength lies in thinking ahead for at least 1.5 hours. At least two hours before their performance the Event Manager checks on all speakers and/or artists, will keep an eye on traffic jams and public transport alerts, and intercepts equipment breakdown by bringing additional equipment.

A planning made by me is always based on the best starting point; however I am always prepared for a worst case scenario.